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My name is Jonathan Mash and I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I am currently working for Amazon Project Kuiper helping develop the technology to deliver internet connectivity to unserved and under-served people across the globe. Prior to Kuiper, I worked at Amazon Prime Air where I developed novel drone technologies to enable autonomous package delivery in 30 minutes or less.

In 2013, I completed an M.Sc. Electrical Engineering program at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. I was part of the ePOWER laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Praveen Jain. I have several publications in the field of Wind Turbine Control. Prior to that, I completed a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering also at Queen’s University.

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Recent Experience

Amazon.com – Project Kuiper

Hardware Development Manager - Avionics and Endpoints November 2020 - Present

  • Recruited, trained, and managed a cross-functional team of over 14 electrical, system, and SI/PI engineers. Completed over 270 interviews at Amazon.
  • Team lead and manager of the satellite Avionics & Bus Endpoints Team. Owner of flight computer, vehicle-wide communication bus, magnetometer, sun sensor, magnetorquers, propulsion control unit, solar array deployment unit, cameras, and more. Contributed to power distribution, ground communication systems, star tracker, phased array antennas and reaction wheels.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the hardware design. Architecture, requirements, development, testing, and qualification of hardware. Liaison between the Design Engineering team and the Systems, Reliability, Hardware Test, and Manufacturing Engineering teams.
  • Maintained consistent and clear communication up the management chain. Maintained and drove closure on schedule and schedule mitigation. Owner of multi-million dollar development budget.

Amazon.com – Prime Air

Hardware Development Manager - Aircraft Electronics

  • Recruited, trained, and managed a cross-functional team of electrical, mechanical, system, and support engineers.
  • Managed org-wide electrical engineering support resources, including component librarian services, Altium ECAD administration, design standards documentation, and quality \& reliability processes/workflows.
  • Oversaw the requirements derivation, development, testing, and qualification of key Avionics subsystems. Liaison between the Design Engineering team and the Systems, Reliability, Hardware Test, and Manufacturing Engineering teams.

Sr. Hardware Development Engineer

  • Owner/designer of several vehicle subsystems such as vehicle power distribution, multiple sensor systems, and ground station equipment.
  • Supported the integration of Avionics subsystems into the vehicle. Developed installation checklists and provided on-call support to flight ops.
  • Liaison between engineering teams to ensure that hardware designs maximize the efficiency of firmware development. Examples include boundary scan, standardized debug interface \& indicators, and consistent pinout.
  • Managed an external vendor relationship to develop a custom product to reduce the size, weight, and power consumption of the power regulation subsystem.

Hardware Development Engineer

  • Oversaw the entire hardware process from design through to manufacturing: Component selection, PCB design, prototypes, and testing.
  • Developed manufacturing, assembly, and testing procedures to ensure that high quality products are delivered to the vehicle program.
  • Produced a standardized set of design artifacts for use across vehicle subsystems, ensuring consistent quality and reliability for Avionics hardware.
  • Firmware development for a RF radio link to the ground. Developed a BSP package and drivers for the common vehicle microcontroller. Planning and development of unit, regression, and integration tests.

SPARQ Systems – Monitoring and Control

Lead Product Development Engineer November 2010 - Present

Worked with a team of extremely talented individuals to try and make the world a greener place. At SPARQ, we developed microinverters and monitoring equipment for the solar PV industry. I lead the team that developed two generations of monitoring equipment. For the first generation, I developed a low-power ARM based communication hub and software to interface with microinverters over the power-lines (Power Line Communication). I also oversaw and developed specifications for the associated monitoring portal. For the second generation, I started from the ground up with an all new single-board computer running full-blown linux at its core. This time, communication with the inverters was done through the use of an advanced Zigbee implementation. I oversaw the development of both the hardware and software aspects of the product as well as the associated cloud-based monitoring portal. Over the years, I was also involved and lead several special projects working with external parties.

ePOWER – Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research

Engineering Research Assistant 2009 - 2013

Working with some of Canada’s top researchers, I developed novel non-linear control strategies for PMSG connected wind turbines. Furthermore, I developed a wind turbine emulator using an induction motor connected to a permanent magnet synchronous generator for use in research activities. I also researched and designed a medium-power front-end converter for telecommunications equipment using simulation tools.


Queen's University

Master’s of Applied Science Electrical Engineering April 2013

Queen’s Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research
Supervisor: Dr. Praveen Jain
Course Average: 92%

Queen's University

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering May 2009

1st Class Honours
Ranked 2nd of 45 students in Electrical Engineering.
Ranked 5th of 576 students in all of Engineering.
Final Year Average: 93%


Patent: Intelligent Electrical System for Vehicle

Jonathan Mash Amazon Technologies Inc.

USPO: US11094146B1

Nonlinear Control of Wind Energy Conversion System Based on Control-Lyapunov Functions

Jonathan Mash Majid Pahlevaninezhad Praveen Jain

Presented at a major IEEE Conference (ECCE 2013, Denver, CO)

Advanced Nonlinear Control Techniques for Wind Energy Conversions Systems

Jonathan Mash

Thesis — Master, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Mar. 2013)

Adaptive Passivity-Based Nonlinear Controller for Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Jonathan Mash Majid Pahlevaninezhad Praveen Jain

Accepted and presented at a major IEEE Conference (APEC 2014, Ft. Worth, TX)

Port-Controlled Hamiltonian (PCH)-based control approach for wind energy conversion systems

Majid Pahlevaninezhad Shangzhi Pan Jonathan Mash Praveen Jain

Accepted and presented at a major IEEE Conference (PEDG 2014, Galway, Ireland)


Soft Skills

  • Team Leader
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication


  • Product Design
  • Embedded System Development
  • PCB Design and Manufacturing
  • Circuit Simulation & Analysis


  • Embedded Firmware Development
  • Linux Development
  • Web Service Development
  • Programming

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